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Shela HP ‘Genesis’


The Man and The Woman fell down to earth, they are seeking each other. Suddenly T-rex help the Man, and the Woman helped by Pterodactyl.


Cast:Rezki Starlet Atletico And Hanifa Shabrina



Krayon (2012)

U.F.O (2012)

Nero Wanna Dance (2013)

Genesis (2014)



Born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1992, Shela HP studied at the film school at Jakarta Institute of the Arts. In 2011 she directed her first short animation film, KRAYON. In 2014, she made her graduation film, GENESIS, her own impression about first persons on earth.


Shela HP 'Genesis'Indonesia, 2014 | 10 minutes | Category (Short, Fantasy)

Resolution:1920 x 1080 Format:mp4 Sound:Stereo