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Rachel Yedid ‘Tal’ (Larmes d’Espoir)

A soul fly from a Muslim ancestral grave. The poetry of Omar Khayyâm sounds in the sky of Jerusalem. A music art installation animates, various men and women light a hundred candles, and a rain of tears illuminates their eyes.


Curriculum - RACHEL YEDID

My art is an inter-discipline approach, visual expression and their connection to performance constitute first and foremost a worldview. I aspire to create performance, artworks to a multiplicity of artistic realms, believing that encountering a variety of skills enriches creative language. I realize my paintings with different sort of materials, oil to wax of candles. My main inspirations are Music, Opera, and Poetry. My spectrum of performing arts (theatre, dance, music), visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, space design, lighting), and the screen (video art and photography), while encouraging me to venture into independent research and aspire to develop unique and innovative creative language. Exhibitions: Art video – paintings / Oil and wax 2015 The Sheen Center, We Live by Revelation: a struggle in Art and Faith curated by Elisabeth Meindl , New York See More Galerie Pierre Kleinmann, Solo Exhibition Paris 2014 Salons Hoche, Paris – Christie’s Galerie Pierre Kleinmann, Paris 2013 First train station Jerusalem, Regards Feminins – Foundation France Israel See More Galerie Albert Benamou Paris 2012 Art Paris Art Fair, Curated by Pascal Amel, Paris See More Opera Tel-Aviv, Exhibition and Opening competition With the French Embassy / sous le haut patronnage de S.E Christophe Bigot, Ambassadeur de France en Israël AUJF, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris Salon d’Automne Art Fair Art Club Gallery, Paris Art fair Miromesnil, Paris Galerie Albert Benhamou, Paris 2011 Sabiana Paoli Gallery, Singapour Art Fair Brussel Jaffa Museum, Jaffa Preludes Feminins – Salons Hoche Paris – curated by Richard Gordon Cinemateque Jerusalem/ The French Institute Other Performance/Video Art : 2016 Tal – instrumental music art performance 2013 Art directing performance, video art, and paintings exhibition (French and Israeli artist exchange) First Station of Jerusalem – Foundation France Israel, Municipality of Jerusalem 2012 Opera of Tel Aviv Wozzaeck 2011 Art Summer in the old city- Jerusalem Municipality Video Art: Les Etres Humains 2010 Jerusalem Cinemateque- French Institute Video art and Paintings: La naissance de l’ oeuvre d’ Art Rachel Yedid : Portrait – Raida Adon: Fasatine – Catherine Guilbot: Made In Art Achievement: Winner of International nomination “Femmes du monde” by the ministry of foreign affairs See More Nominated Artist du Proche orient, for the Paris Art Fair Grand Palais – PROCHE Academic knowledge and experience: Art Master: Patricio Zamora 1996-1998 Sorbonne Nouvelle French littérature Art History 2000-2001 Hebrew studies Hebrew university 2002-2006: Visual Art Studies at Hazouti School Visual Art Theater

Rachel Yedid 'Tal' (Larmes d'Espoir)France / 2015 10'00"

Recording format mpeg4 h 264 Projection Format HDCAM Screen Format 16/9 Colour Color Sound Stereo

Screenplay Poems Omar Khayyam Photography Director Binjamin Soulem Art Director Rachel Yedid Editing Rachel Yedid Sound Barak Pariente Animation Rachel Yedid Music Quartet 2 ond mouvment Maurice Ravel Casting Rachel Yedid Sound Editing Barak Pariente Post Production Rachel Yedid