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Patos Calvos ‘La Quietud es una manera más de moverse’ (Stillness is another form to move)


“Stillness is another form of movement” is a short video-dance piece in which we investigate the concept of non-dance.   It is an acoustic piece in which we investigate silence as well as our changing perception of an image depending on the filter through which we view it. We make it blurry, distant, green… We want to eliminate whatever is meaningless or additional from the movement … and keep the essence, the impulse. We want to look into the eye of the empty horror that floods our routines and beneath that thick layer of unnecessary movement in order to search for the real meaning that moves us. We intend to get rid of all those costumes, because these actions happen out of necessity; we move because we can´t stand being still; we scream because we can no longer remain in silence. Stop acting from inertia and fill the time and space that seems eternal at moments.

Cast:: Dancer: Malena Guzmán


Mujer escribiendo en el suelo. 2011

Puedo. 2012.

La Quietud es una manera más de moverse.


Patos Calvos is a performing arts company created in 2011 after a common project between Malena Guzmán (Licenciada en Interpretación Textual en la ESAD de Murcia; Master de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares) and David Aguilar (Grupo Universitario Mamadou de Jaén y ESAD de Asturias). From the very first steps of the company we have always worked through experimentation using multidisciplinary arts to give shape to our work, which consists of unique pieces; everything from the original idea, to the script and the staging.

We also give importance to to the concepts of intellectual property and to share the creativity. We believe that creativity is not an individual process since we, as creators, are constantly nourished from other people’s work: texts, paintings, visual and sound pieces, etc. That´s why all our work is registered under licence Creative Commons.



  • - 2011: Microcortos “Mujer escribiendo en el suelo” (Filmo 2011 Award) and “Puedo”
  • - 2012: Scenic Performance “I´m Alone, Like You”
  • - 2013: Artistic Residence “Brotes 2013” in Espacio Escénico El Huerto, Gijón, for the project “Morirse de Tanta Vida”.
  • - 2014: Short video-dance piece   “La Quietud es una manera más de moverse.” Scenic Performance: “Morirse de Tanta Vida”.
  • - Web: http://patoscalvos.wordpress.com



Patos Calvos 'La Quietud es una manera más de moverse' Country: Spain; Year: 2014 | duration: 05:15 min. | Category: videodance.

Directed by ……Malena Guzmán y David Aguilar (Patos Calvos)Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 (H.264) Sound: Marcos David Cabrera Barranco

Credits: Edition: Esther Aguilar y David Aguilar. Grafics Motion Design: Cristina Llobell Coreography: Malena Guzmán. Photography: David Aguilar.