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Margarita Escribano ‘Love Love’

With a touch of dark humor, Love Love tells the beginning and the end of a relationship. Phrases like "I do everything for you", "my heart belongs to you" or "you broke my heart" are the inspiration for this animation. It is a parody which uses literally some of the common phrases said during or after a love relationship.
Margarita Escribano (1980, Chile) studied Fine Arts in Ecuador, focusing in Mixed Media, Video Art and Animation.
Since 2006 she lives in Germany, and work mainly as an independent animator and book illustrator.

Margarita Escribano 'Love Love'Year: 2013 Duration: 00:02:30 Min. Country: Germany

Format: HD 1920x1080 dpi / H264 / Widescreen 16:9 Sound: Stereo Sound Effects: www.freesound.org / Creative Commons License Technique: Digital animation