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Mahmood Nouraei

Wind and death - 2012 - 6.42 mnThe “ wind and death” video has a visual look at human,s mortality and the eternity of relligion. A relligious eternity based on artistic imagination and is like illustrations that human believes. This video contains pictures as an object , passes through subjective visitors who had minimall thoughts.the pics were dead.But the relligious artistic creating of the artist is still remained. The backgrounds in these pics as an art form, based on relligious streams , challenging the ego. The ego is founded by the divine spirit to the mankind , according to relligious thoughts. The backgrounds are heavier than subjects in the pics , that shows multiple ideas separating on different eras of history and humanistic images comes over them. The importance of wind , clouds and apocalyptic images behind the pics ,is the proof of the concept.It shows the twilight seen in the matterialistic life of the world.it puts the pictures between life and death. The minimal folkloric music based on the ancient relligious ballads is an important aspect of “ wind and death”.

Mahmood NouraeiWriter,director , painter , performance artist and arts critic b.a degree on acting attempted at video art workshops of Mr Abbas kiarostami attempted at temporary arts history workshops of Mr Alireza Sami Azar writing 10 plays and directing 3 of them creating 3 performances and has a group painting exhibition at Mohsen art gallery- Tehran art critic of “Art Tomorrow” magazine

Price 800€ 10 limited edition + 1 artist

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