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Lulu Jiang ‘The House’

Synopsis: This is a psychological film about Claire, a 34 years old woman who thinks she kills her husband when he wants a divorce, and marries her twin sister Linda. After that, Claire kills Linda when she invites her to have a dinner in the house. However, all of these are in Claire’s imagination, which is written in her dairy and be revealed by Linda when she read Claire’s dairy at the end of the film.


Cast: Claire – Manca Perko

Linda – Manca Perko



Dust (1985)

Brick (2006)



Lulu Jiang was born in China, studied Film Practice in the UK from 2013. She is a theater actress, freelance filmmaker, as well as a film enthusiast.


Director’s statement : The whole work is based on solo acting. The actress acts as the main character Claire and her twin sister Linda. From this work, feminism, women’s jealousness and possessiveness, desire, love and betrayal will be expressed by this special solo acting way, depicted with the psychological genre.

Lulu Jiang 'The House'UK, 2014 | 15’53’’

Resolution: 1280×720 - Format: Mpeg4 - Sound: Stereo (LR) - Language: English - Color: Black & White

Credits: Screenwriter/Editor: Lulu Jiang Camera/Sound: Lulu Jiang, Zhuoqun Zheng

Experimental, Art, Short, Psychological