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Liberty Antonia Sadler ‘I Feel Femme’

Synopsis: A performative poetry film cycle 'I Feel Femme', explores male & female archetypes, such as the Madonna & Whore or The Hipster & Geek, using both humour & pathos to highlight themes of misogyny, fetish, vulnerability and control. The film features three poems: 'Domina', 'Baby Pink Bad Boy Blues' & 'Love Is A Slogan', each with their own Femme & Boi gender spectrum personas, confronting the camera with discussions of body, sexual & social politics:


Domina the Mistress. Domina the Queen. Domina knows what’s best for you. Domina owns you. Domina doesn’t need you. Domina is cum in human form. Domina is a sexual tyrant.


“#masculinitysofragile #notallmen #friendszoned #niceguy”

Personas Andy and Gilbert exploring stereotypes of contemporary masculinity, including archetypical ‘Geek’ & ‘Hipster’ aesthetics. A satire on modern misogyny, examining the rise of ‘Meninists’ culture through Boi performativity and gendered space.


Fleur the Virgin. Fleur the vicious. Fleur is damaged innocence. Fleur is the submissive illusion, you don’t really control her. Fleur is dampened fire. Fleur is femme.


Bio: Liberty Antonia works with mediums of drawing, text and moving image to explore issues of 21st century body politics, with a focus on the experience of living in a female body in a ‘photo-shopped’ world; the new visual rhetoric of perfection through digital manipulation. Working within a socio-political context, her work uses character and playfulness to discuss themes of food, ‘femininity’ and sexuality.

Liberty Antonia Sadler is an artist & filmmaker based in London. Her work has been featured at Whitechapel Gallery (London), HOME (Manchester), Hackney Attic (London), CCA (Glasgow), OXO Gallery (London) and internationally at Atom (Buenos Aires, Argentina) & Shenzhen New Media Art Festival (Shenzhen, China). Her film 'Private Theatre' was part of Videoclub's Selected Six Programme and Tour, 2016, and her work has been in Nylon, Polyester, Metro, Grazia & Wonderland Magazines.

Liberty Antonia Sadler 'I Feel Femme'GB Film year : 2016 Duration: 9mins 57secs

Image/Sound: Colour, Digital