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Levon Manukyan ‘Bye’

This story tells about a photographer. Phone calls from people around him, his dolls, his photos, everything narrates us about his life and character. There is a revolution going on outside, his mistress has finally decided to leave her husband and come to him, but he still won't take the phone.

Levon Manukyan 'Bye'Armenia 2015 - 7' 25"

H264 MPEG 4 AVC - 1920x1080

PRODUCED BY Lilit Movsisyan Levon Manukyan CAST Ani Zaqaryan / Anna Grigoryan / Andranik Lavchyan / Ashot Harutyunyan DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Levon Manukyan DOP ASSISTANT Ashot Harutyunyan ART DIRECTOR Gohar Paruyryan SCRIPT BY Levon Manukyan Lilit Movsisyan COMPOSER 3.33 DESIGN BY Levon Abrahamyan DIRECTOR Lilit Movsisyan