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Laura-Lynn Petrick ‘Superior’


A silent documentary shot on super 8 film in Northwestern Ontario, scored by two Canadian musicians... In the middle of summer two young lovers leave the city of Toronto in a 1981 Pontiac Parissienne, and drive 15 hours northwest to the land of Lake Superior, 500 miles east of hometown, Thunder Bay. They set up camp in the back country of the lake's woods and live off the land for seven days, with no technology, just eachother. They reconnect with their environment and find peace and serenity among the mystical landscape. The time they have is unforgettable, filled with beauty, and spiritual fulfillment, as they re-acquaint themselves with the power of the wilderness. Lake Superior will forever resonate in their hearts.


Petrick was born in 1990, raised in the countryside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, by her mother, a teacher and her father, a carpenter. Petrick spent most of her coming of age in the woods of Ontario, growing up on a lake surrounded by family. Petrick dived into photography, through the encouragement of her grandmother's photographs and the gift of her father's Yashica single lens reflex. Petrick self-taught herself film photography and its intricacies. She found success in her photography, having over 4 international solo shows by the age of 22, and working for record labels such as Universal, Domino, Fat Possum, and fashion label American Apparel, and her work published internationally in major news publications such as SPIN, The Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, The Fader, Interview Magazine and the Washington Post. She later found herself enjoying the motion and light-trickery of motion picture film and became fascinated with working with super 8 film, hi8 and vhs mediums. Since then, Petrick has shot impressive music videos for North America's music industry, for popular indie bands Weyes Blood, Allah-Las, Day Wave, Brian Bell of Weezer, Nick Waterhouse, Mac DeMarco, Quilt, and Real Estate. Petrick has worked on several experimental super 8 films, including a creative short with 2017’s best actor Casey Affleck. Petrick is currently working on her first feature film, The Mother Road, shot entirely on Kodak Super 8 film, soundtracked by the best of Canadian indie music, coming early 2017. Petrick is releasing a special collection of photographs to be self-published in fall 2017.


Laura-Lynn Petrick 'Superior' (GITCHI GAMI)Canada 2016 11.00