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Klaus Bobach ‘La Cena / The supper’


A young man, Alfonso, receives an invitation to dinner by two unknown ladies, Doña Magdalena and her daughter Amalia. Curious and hopeful he accepts, but even his own delay leads him on the way to a deceptive memory. Is it a dream? A deception or disappointment?

The script of this short film is based on a 1912 story by Alfonso Reyes, an exceptiona


Klaus Bobach was born in Berlin, Germany on June 7, 1966. Since his early years, he was very interested in cinematography, filming 8 millimeters amateur films.

In 2014 begins as independent filmmaker and his first production was the short film „The Supper" in the year 2016.

Married, three children. He lives currently in Berlin, Germany.

Klaus Bobach 'La Cena / The supper'Germany Film year : 2016 Duration : 15min

Klaus Bobach according a Story of Alfonso Reyes

Image/Sound: H.264 1920x1080 BW / Stereo AAC