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Katia Roessel “René”

Synopsis: A child passes by while playing with a veil of a bride. Leaves crackle – then everything lights up. Having drunk the magic potion of the nature virgin, he becomes her. He comes looking for her and takes her towards sensuality.

Biography: Katia Roessel completed her studies in Paris in 2009 at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, (French National Fine Arts), under the tutors Jean-Marc Bustamante and Christian Boltanski. She has worked on the television program Paris Cinq as an assistant director and has also collaborated with RE:Voir Video editions, where she discovered the work of Kenneth Anger. She also provided production assistance for the French film production company Les Films de l’Après-­Midi, best known for its feature films by Manoel de Oliveira. She had the following Exhibitions : 'blue-movies' video series at Gallery Ivana de Gavardie in Paris, parts of the 'GLEE' series in 2012 in Seoul (South Korea), and in London and Brighton (G.B.), then in 2013 in Paris: exhibition 'toute pure' at Galerie Everest Standard and Artplateforme Projet. Her first selection of poems 'Les Yeux Bandés' has been published by the French publishing house Mémoire Vivante. Extracts of her writings published in French and German reviews, with a programme on Radio Libertaire. Her second selection of poems, 'fugace', has been published by Le Hasard d'Être, with chronicle in CCP­ Cahier Critique de Poésie. Her first short film 'Le Giron' ('The Core') competed at the Cyprus International Film Festival (Nicosia) and the Peloponnesian-Corinthian International Film Festival in Greece, in 2011. 'René', her second short film, was shown at the Cyprus International Film Festival for its International Premiere, at the Hrizanthema Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Subotica) in Serbia and in Greece, in 2013.

Director’s statement: "I made 'René' to generate multiple gestures depicting motherhood and
childhood, whilst leaving the view or message open, despite its tender subject. Through
the scenes, several skin layers create birth and rebirth. Those recurring veils prepare
and widen our senses about translucence and intermediate nature. Likewise, there are
also feelings of betrayal from something, feelings of being exposed to vanishing realities
lurking on another world that is soon to rise. Thereby I want to reveal a memory gap
provoked by a generation, which I belong to, an unfamiliar generation cicatrised after
the extremities of the 20th century."

RenéFrance, 2013 | 9 min 23 sec | Narrative fiction, Drama,Thriller, Art- Directed by Katia Roessel

Selling conditions : 1/6 limited edition – 5000€

Medium/technique: video Resolution: H264 1920x1080 writer/ film-maker/ editor: Katia ROESSEL film-maker assistant: Karine MEREL camera: Niccolò VITAGLIANO sound: Philippe HENRY sound mix: Frédéric PEROL composer : Julian JULIEN make-up: Noëlle VLAEMINCK stylisme: Naïs BOUATOUCH color calibration: Luca CASAVOLA Cast: Gildas DODEUX Mélanie PEYRE