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Jeremy Lee Camp ‘Orange’

Orange is an experimental visual diving into the struggle of hanging onto youth in a culture that
idolizes the idea of being young, told through visual metaphors and subtitles.

Jeremy Camp is originally from Greenville South Carolina, where he found his passion for the
combination of fashion and film. Now residing in Los Angeles has worked with both major
corporations (Levi's, KEDS, Brighton Collectibles, and other) and beauty/fashion YouTubers (Allie
Marie Evans, Alexa Losey, Ingrid Nilsen, and others) alike. Creating films that push boundaries
and abandon the norms of the industry is what drives him to keep creating. The experimental
category is something that he continues to push and sees great potential in.

Jeremy Lee Camp 'Orange'USA Film year : Shot in 2016 released in 2017.. Duration 1:41

Image/Sound: MP4