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Gonzalo Hergueta ‘Hidden Glances’

Synopsis:Hidden Glances is a short documentary that explores the work of Spanish master photographer Isabel Muñoz through the tapes she has
recorded in her travels to countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and El congo. With an unprecendented access to her studio and
her original negatives. Hidden Glances explores her motivations and showcases her photography process, from the instant she takes the shot, to
the moment she prints her photographs.


(Gonzalo Hergueta Santander, Spain 1989) graphic designer & film-maker based in New York.
He has been a guest speaker at UAL: CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS LONDON, his art books have been included in the collection of the
METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, his experimental typography has won the Certificate of excellence of the TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB NYC,
and the films he has made have been shown in festivals in countries like Argentina, USA, England, France or Spain.

Gonzalo Hergueta 'Hidden Glances'Spain, Film year :2016 Duration :22.10 Image/Sound: Stereo Full HD, mov Pro res, Spanish with English subtitles