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Giacomo Bolzani “Oltralpe”

Synopsis: Existential reflection/Riflessione esistenziale The story of an escape. Cerebral, physical, impossible. / La storia di una fuga. Cerebrale, fisica, impossibile.

Giacomo Bolzani - Biography
Born in 1988 in a village near Mantova, I approach cinema during university as assistant cameraman. I graduate at DAMS film in Gorizia and, at the same time, I attend a film school in Milano. During this years I cultivated video in different directions: from documentary to advertisement, going through short film and installation.

ZeroSki (Commercial for Sochi 2014 Winter Games – 2013) / Nomad Base
(Documentary about a joung comunity of nomad people in Berlin – 2013)
Accessit (Commercial about the regions of Toscana, Liguria, Corsica and
Sardegna – 2013) / Fitoambient (Documentary in Beirut about the decentralised cooperation between Italy and Lebanon – 2012) / Photo Addict (videoclip – 2012) / Avanti il prossimo (short - 2012) / Atolli (short – 2011) / Le segrete passioni (videopoem, co-writer – 2011) / Dietro il buio (film directed by Giorgio Pressburger, camera assistant – 2010) / La Terra Nel Sangue (film directed by Giovanni Ziberna, camera assistant – 2009)

Oltralpe Italy, 2013 | 2 min 0 sec | Other, Independent - Directed by Giacomo Bolzani

Selling conditions : Limited edition 1

Medium / technique: videopoem Resolution: 720x576 16:9 Format: DV Pal No soudtrack Language Italian/English subtitles Producer: Giacomo Bolzani Screenwriter/Editor: Giacomo Bolzani Director of photography: Giacomo Bolzani Cast: Giacomo Bolzani