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Emily Cussins ‘Diviner Intervention’


From two different worlds, a Diviner and NASA are connected by a shared mission, a search that could lead nowhere ... or to perhaps the most important discovery in history.

Encompassing the factual, the fantastical and the possible, this short film invites us on their journey- a mysterious, magical journey beyond sight, into the damp and dark, the past and future, the elemental and conceptual.


Emily Cussins is a Filmmaker/ Artist based in London. Her work explores and challenges the limits of human visual perception and our relationship with films/ images themselves.

Emily studied Fine Art/ Art History at Goldsmiths and a Masters in Documentary Photography at LCC, UAL, graduating with a Distinction in December 2016.

Emily Cussins 'Diviner Intervention'UK, Film year : 2016 Duration : 7.30 minutes Image/Sound: Emily Cussins