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Babak Habibifar “Pas az hefdah sa at” (After 17 Hours)

Synopsis: A photographer went to the nature for photography, but an incident happened to him...

I sometimes work as an actor. I worked as an actor in many films in the last 25 years.
I did also photography for many years. My pictures won 6 times award in different Festivals and competitions in Iran.
I also made 5 short fiction films sofar:
1- (The time)
2- (After 15 years) "selected in 4 Festivals". Cambridje(Strawberry), London(Walthamstow), Tirana(Albania) and Paris(Tres Court).
3- Untitled
4- (Somewhere up there) "selected in 9 Festivals". Spain(FICEE), Chile(FICIL Bio Bio), Mexico(FMCE),Tehran(Tassvir), London(Walthamstow), Argentina(Maipu), Spain(Ko&Digital), Spain(No te cortes...), Tehran(Hamrah).5- (After 17 hours) "selected in 3 Festivals". France(Art Film Festival), Italy(Skepto), Los Angeles(NOFI).

Pas az hefdah sa at (After 17 hours) Iran, 2013 | 6 min 17 sec | Narrative fiction, Drama - Directed by Babak Habibifar

Selling conditions : on demand

Resolution: 1920x1080 16:9 Format: MP4 Language Farsi / subtitles english Producer: Babak Habibifar Screenwriter/Editor: Babak Habibifar Director of photography: Sadegh Souri Cast: Babak Habibifar