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34 short films

A series of 34 short films

Jean Michel Rolland

France - 2011-2015

Total duration: 160'16"

1-« The Tempest », vidéo 2015, duration : 2mn35s. Wind noise visualization in the masts of the boats in dry dock at the port of Pointe Rouge in Marseille.

2-« First Person Shooter », vidéo de 2012, duration : 4mn43s. Video rhythm'n'split where the artist performs a failed self-shooting session.

3-« Underskirts », vidéo 2015, duration : 20mn10s. "Underskirts", which could be translated as "girls in skirts", questions the fascination.Men feminine curves, all different and yet all alike. Composed of ellipses obeying sinusoidal trajectories, colorful and random forms follow each other in succession build two tables where transparency and the trace play a role preponderant

4-« Typo », vidéo 2015, duration : 4mn03s. "Typo" stages a Heidelberg platen press and Linotype, two technological tools twentieth century. Throughout the video, the mechanisms of these two machines used in typography are added by overlays. The result is the birth of a hybrid monster that may lead to both admiration and fear.

5-« The Deadman Show », vidéo 2012, duration : 6mn43s. Evocation of the tripartite relationship between image, its projection and reception. The minimalist game these three actors emphasizes the relationship itself, taken to its extreme, the better question the reception of video art by the public.

6-« La Noyade », vidéo 2012, duration : 9mn23s. The shooting of this video art creation were shot in July 2012 in the port of Nice. Lit by bright light of early afternoon, they focus on the links that hamper boats to prevent them from drifting and shipwreck.

7-« The Endless Journey », vidéo 2014, duration : 8mn29s. "The Endless Journey" is a generative audiovisual animation created with Processing. Designed based on random movements, it evolves to infinity without ever repeating itself

8-« Cars Melody », vidéo 2011, duration : 5mn32s. Sound from 5 cars engines disturb the birds singing.

9-« 6 Operas », vidéo de 2015, duration : 5mn09s. Six views of the municipal Opera of Marseille are superimposed to give a new reality of this architectural landmark in the city.

10-« Techno Garbage Men », vidéo 2012, duration : 1mn. Rhythm'n'split experimental video where one sees and hears garbage collectors do their toil night.

11-« La Course », vidéo 2013, duration : 3mn45s. Punctuated by the race of five horses filmed in Marseille Borély, this video tribute to Muybridge, not trying to plunge the viewer into the world of racetracks but to him transmit the frenzy felt during this frantic and painful race

12-« Neons Melody », vidéo de 2011, durée : 3mn03s. Plastic and musical work about light and sound generated by neon ceiling lighting.

13-« Biosphere », vidéo 2014, duration : 9mn55s. Organic forms are born and die by generating musical notes which reflect the vital process of their authors.

14-« The Brainsweeper », vidéo 2013, duration : 3mn54s. Nothing like a good dusting to remove troublesome memories and negative thoughts. "The Brainsweeper" examines a universal human gesture without showing the author. Repeat tirelessly, this rhythmic gesture here reveals all its intrinsic beauty.

15-« Hang On », vidéo 2014, duration : 1mn. In Marseille, six handsets, relics of a bygone era, swaying like hanging from a rope.

16-« The Puck », vidéo 2014, duration : 6mn03s. Through this artistic video, I would deliver a very personal view of ice hockey sport where grace and violence come together for better or for worse around a puck object attention.

17-« Happy Birthday », vidéo 2011, duration : 4mn05s. Forty candles are lit one by one by a lighter that recreates the melody of this song well known.

18-« Acommunication », vidéo 2011, duration : 5mn29s. Five arm strive to silence three telephones, an alarm clock and a timer without success.

19-« Training Doors », vidéo 2011, duration : 5mn53s. Experimentation some different sounds generated by the doors, placed in connection with the passing train. Throughout the video, sound, increasingly altered correspond to the degradation chromatic train.

20-« Blower », vidéo 2012, duration : 4mn05s. Experimental audiovisual work on the rotary motion of a fan.

21-« Empty Water », vidéo 2013 , duration : 10mn21s. "Empty Water" address the relationship between man and water and puts this first stage in all its beauty, its technical and strength.

22-« Bubble Pops », vidéo 2011, duration : 1mn. Audiovisual experimentation built around a single sequence - the creation of a bubble chewing gum - and the sound generated by its explosion.

23-« Bubble Pops 2 », vidéo 2011, duration : 3mn. Audiovisual experimentation built around a single sequence - the creation of a bubble chewing gum - and the sound generated by its explosion.

24-« Techno Tools », vidéo 2011, duration : 5mn45s. Confrontation of the movements and sounds of six tools (saw, drill, hammer, chisel, sandpaper and stapler). The absence of any message and any narration gives free will During a purely plastic and aural experimentation based on the collage and rhythm.

25-« Son Et Lumière », vidéo 2013, duration : 4mn18s. Audiovisual experimentation on the light and the sound generated by a welder's arc.

26-« Burning Matches », vidéo 2012, duration : 2mn30s. Audiovisual experimentation around the light and sound generated by a match.

27-« Smiles And Slaps », vidéo 2012, duration : 3mn55s. Audiovisual experimentation around the game goatee. The violence caused by the good mood has something unhealthy; here it reflects the scathing response of a ruling class reaction to the apparent happiness of a population it holds under its yoke.

28-« Running Water », vidéo 2012, duration : 6mn52s. Access to running water is a universal problem, seen differently than you live in temperate zones like Paris where the shooting of this video were taken, or more arid or desert, some concern is the environment when other dream of access.

29-« Murmures », vidéo 2011, duration : 5mn16s. A series of three murmurs of different durations, imaged by the lips of the whisperer, is declined four different notes, each spaced a semitone.

30-« Billiards Melody », vidéo 2011, duration : 6mn45s. A pool cue strikes the cue ball coming break the package. This action is developed throughout the video into compositions, tones and rhythms.

31-« Time Melody », vidéo 2011, duration : 4mn50s. For the realization of this video, a musical instrument was specially created: a fact engine shoot a knocker that strikes a single rope at each revolution, a note played all 6 seconds.

32-« Dribbling Alone », vidéo 2012, duration : 3mn56s. A ball bounces violently towards the lens, exposing the dance performed by the shadow of a game legs.

33-« Slowdown #2 », vidéo e 2015, duration : 3mn08s. "Slow Down # 2" is the second in a series of experimental videos dedicated to the expansion of time when the crossing of an obstacle by a race horse slowed to the extreme.

34-« Slowdown #1 », vidéo 2014, duration : 4mn27s. "Slow Down # 1" is the first of a series of experimental videos dedicated to time dilation when crossing an obstacle with three horse race slowed in the extreme.

JM RollandFrance-2011/2015-Catalogue of 34 short films-total duration 160'16"

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