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AVIFF 2019

AVIFF 2019  May 23 - May 24


AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival 2019
The laureats are:

1st AVIFF Award: Janja Rakus for the movie 'Alchemy on the Amstell (III)'

2nd AVIFF Award: Daxiong Yu for the movie 无间 'River of Oedipus'

3rd AVIFF Award: Slawomir Milewski for the movie 'Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay'


'AVIFF Angel Orensanz' Award: Jihea Han for the movie 'Temporary Solution for the Permanent Problems: # 1 Do not Panic'

'AVIFF Incognito' Award: Gaia Alari for the movie 'Terminus'





Yu Daxiong, Giovanni Spinelli, Janja Rakus, Angel Orensanz, Slawomir Milewski, Ramy Allam (Award Ceremony)


2 days on May and a night, AVIFF “Art Film Festival” presents in Cannes for its first showing in France, a new selection of Artists’ Films during the Film Festival of Cannes.

Venue :
EDEN Hotel
133 rue d'Antibes
Cannes 06400 France
The jury this year is composed of:
Arnaud Brument, President of the jury and Art Gallerist in Paris
Arnaud Brument is the director of incognito artclub 24h/24 in Paris. The first contemporary art space open non-stop with a magnetic card.
He is Art appraisal certified by Conseil des Ventes Volontaires in Modern, Contemporary and specialized in Video Art.
He organized with Auctioneer Vincent Wapler, the first auction sale dedicated to video art.
He is teacher at IESA school.
Angel Orensanz, President of the 'Angel Orensanz Foundation' NYC (USA)
Daria P Golestan, Artist and Director of AVIFF Cannes Festival
Friday 24th 18.30 Awards Ceremony
Will be handed over:
.The 1st AVIFF prize awarded by the President of the jury Arnaud Brument
.The 2nd AVIFF Prize awarded by Daria P Golestant, Director of AVIFF
.The 3rd AVIFF Prize awarded by Christian Pouligo, President of the Festival AVIFF
.The AVIFF Angel Orensanz Award, awarded by Angel Orensanz Artist and President of the Angel Orensanz Foundation NYC (USA)

Arnaud Brument, President of the 5th edition of AVIFF Festival, will be pleased and honored to award for AVIFF2019 the Prize 'Aviff incognito'  coup de cœur of the 2019 AVIFF sélection.



OFFICIAL SELECTION AVIFF Cannes 2019 -’Suncatcher’by Parker Croft (USA) -‘Andalusian Dog’ by Richard Martin (Canada) -‘Unfold’ by John Graham (Canada) -‘Lightning’ by Cristina Isoli (Italy) -‘IL19’ by Igal Stulbach (Israël) -‘The Widow’ by Eva Depoorter ( Belgium) -‘Don’t Panic’ by Jihea Han (South Korea) -‘In Memory of’ by Ramy Allam (Egypt) -‘Skyline’ by Janja Rakus (Slovenia) -‘Alchemy on the Amstel III’ by Janja Rakus (Slovenia) -‘Cuban Queens’ by Warren Bass (USA) -‘Déja Rêvé’ by Amanda Macchia (Canada) -‘Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay’ by Slawomir Milewski (Poland) -‘Terminus’ by Gaia Alari (Italy) -‘Palace of Pope’ by Stephanie Barber (USA) -‘Apartment Block N°10’ by Jess Vincenza (USA) -‘River of Oedipus’ by Xiong Da (China) -‘Maria’s Silence’ by Cesare Bedogne (Italy) -‘Shanghaï’ by Barbara Wielebska (Poland) -‘Regained Bathers’ by Ludivine Large-Bessette (France) -‘Good’ by Nadav Heyman (USA) -‘After All’ by Imke Woelk (Germany)



Thursday 23 MAY

14.30 - 16.00

  • ‘IL 19’ directed by Igal Stulbach, Israël 2019, Experimental, Other, 3’15’’
  • ‘After All’ directed by Imke Woelk, Germany 2018, Experimental, Nature 9’00’’
  • ‘Shanghaï’ directed by Barbara Anna Wielebska, Poland 2016, Documentary, Experimental,19’31’’
  • ‘Maria's Silence’ directed by Cesare Bedogne, Italie 2017, Documentary, Experimental, 38’00’’   *Meeting with Cesare Bedogne film director and artist
  • ‘Palace of Pope’ directed by Stephanie Barber, USA 2018, Experimental, Short, 12’18’’

16;30 - 18.00

  • ‘Good’ directed by Nadav Heyman, USA 2018, Experimental, Art, 8’24’’
  • ‘Andalusian Dog’ directed by Richard Martin, Canada 2019, Experimental, Short, 6’41’’  *Meeting with Richard Martin film director
  • ‘Lightening’ directed by Cristina Isoli, Italy 2018, Short, Romance, 17’57’’
  • ‘Déja Rêvé’ directed by Amanda Macchia, Canada 2018, EXperimental, Short, 2’54’’ *Meeting with Amanda Macchia film director and artist 
  • ‘Suncatcher’ directed by Parker Croft, USA 2018, Short, 12’00’’
  • ‘Temporary Solution for the Permanent Problems: #1 Don't Panic’ directed by Jihea Han, Republic of Korea 2019, Experimental, Short, 11’00’’
  • 无间 ‘River of Oedipus’ directed by Yu Daxiong, Chine 2018, Short, 19’57’’    *Meeting with the director of the film Mr Daxiong Yu, Miss Mengqiong Zhou assistant director and Mr Hui Yu film director

18.30 AVIFF special prize award ceremony to Angel Orensanz for his artistic career and his constant support to the festival since its inception


Friday 24 May

15.00 - 16.00

  • ‘In Memory of’ directed by Ramy Allam, Egypt 2018, Experimental, 5’03’’    *Meeting with Ramy Allam film director
  • ‘Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay’directed by Slawomir Milewski, Poland 2018, Documentary, Experimental, Feature , 50mn *Meeting with Slawomir Milewski film director and artist
  • ‘The Widow’ directed by Eva Depoorter, Belgium 2018, Experimental, Short, 16’57’’  *Meeting with Giovanni Spinelli music composer
  • ‘Apartment Block No.10’ directed by Jess Vicenza, Australia 2017, Animation, Experimental, Student, 3’47’’

16.30 - 17.30

  • ‘Regained Bathers’ directed by Ludivine Large-Bessette, France 2019, Niche: Women, 12’45’’    *Meeting with Ludivine Large-Bessette film director and Artist (to be confirmed)
  • ‘Unfold’ directed by John Graham, Canada 2019, Experimental, Short, 6’9’’
  • ‘Alchemy on the Amstell (III)’ directed by Janja Rakus, Slovenia 2019, Exêrimental, Short, 20’34’’    *Meeting with Janja Rakus film director and Artist
  • ‘Cuban Queens’ directed by Warren Bass, USA 2018, Animation, Experimental, 6’00’’
  • ‘Terminus’ directed by Gaia Alari, Italy 2018, Animation, Experimental, 3’44’’
  • ‘Skyline’ directed by Janja Rakus, Slovenia 2019, Experimental, Short, 6’34’’


18.30  Awards Ceremony






Dates & Deadlines: Opening Date - Late Deadline - Notification Date -  Date

Submission fees : 25 €